6 May, 2020

Version 3011: tile placement bug fix and Google Analytics enhancement. 

Bug fix: tile placement

Version 3011 of the software brings important improvements to the user experience through a bug fix related to tile placement and an enhancement involving Google Analytics integration. These changes are designed to enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of the application.

One of the notable bug fixes in this release addresses the issue of tile placement. Previously, when an app was connected, the tiles associated with it would occasionally become scattered throughout the dashboard, leading to a disorganized and confusing layout. To rectify this, the development team implemented a solution that groups the tiles by app when they are connected. This means that users will now find their tiles neatly organized and grouped together, contributing to a more intuitive and streamlined dashboard navigation experience.

Enhancement: Google Analytics API limitations

In addition to the bug fix, Version 3011 introduces an enhancement related to the integration of Google Analytics. Specifically, the update tackles the challenges posed by Google Analytics API limitations. The logic governing the interaction with the Google Analytics API has been thoroughly revised and optimized to ensure efficient handling of these limitations. This enhancement not only helps to mitigate potential issues that could arise due to API constraints but also paves the way for smoother and more reliable data retrieval and analysis from Google Analytics.

By focusing on both improving the visual arrangement of tiles and refining the interaction with external services like Google Analytics, Version 3011 aims to provide users with a more cohesive and satisfying experience. These updates not only address existing issues but also lay the groundwork for future developments and enhancements, ensuring that the software remains robust and adaptable to evolving user needs.


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