4 March, 2020

Version 3007: new Salesforce integration, apps, tiles, and a bug fix. 

Feature: Salesforce integration


Salesforce is core to 9 Spokes Engage™. Platform integration with this customer relationship management tool means that key data is now captured and can be harnessed to drive engagement activities.

The platform data collected by Salesforce powers automated email marketing activity and supports enhanced reporting, all part of the 9 Spokes Engage™ programme.

The insights unlocked by Salesforce integration allow email marketing campaigns to be tailored to platform users (SMBs) by utilising data points – such as 'apps connected' and 'last login' – to create personalised nurture programmes with the goal of increasing platform engagement.

Feature: Facebook connection available


Facebook enables users to find and engage with customers locally, nationally and globally. By marketing on Facebook SMBs can build new and lasting relationships with customers by sharing business updates, special offers and driving traffic back to their business’ website.

With Facebook connected to the platform, SMB users can monitor and measure how people engage with their business on the social platform and manage their content and marketing campaigns to boost performance.

The following tiles are powered by Facebook:

  • Engagement Overview

Feature: engagement overview tile

The Engagement Overview Tile provides an overview of a user’s social activities and registers levels of engagement on the social platform – including a detailed view of engagement on individual posts and your wider social media activities.

Insights from this tile show users which posts are performing well, as well as those that are driving less engagement. These insights help to identify the content and posts that resonate with a social media account's audience. Having an overview of customer engagement and which posts are engaging an audience, can help users to develop a social media strategy that boosts and drives positive customer engagement.

Bug Fix: on-boarding Journey App Screen Logos Stretched

Resolved an issue in the on-boarding journey where users using IE11 browser would see stretched app logos.


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