12 December, 2019

Version 3002: new stock-on-hand and source of visitors tiles.

Feature: stock on hand and source of visitors tile

The Stock on Hand Tile connects to point of sale (POS) software. It enables users to track stock levels in near real-time by providing an overview of a business’ inventory.

Presented as a list, the Stock on Hand Tile displays stock levels by product, showing the top 10 highest and lowest products in stock. From the drop-down, users can choose to sort by high or low stock levels . The Tile also shows the number of products sold last month.

Effectively managing stock levels helps business’ to avoid stock shortages or funds being tied up in excess stock.

The Source of Visitors Tile connects to web marketing apps, such as Google Analytics. It tells users where customers have come from when they enter their website – via a search engine, direct (they entered your URL), paid advertising, Google Ads or social media.

This information helps users track a customer’s journey to their website and to identify successful strategies, such as a Google Ads campaign, as well as channels that need attention. For example, if traffic from social media is very low it may be an indication that a business information needs to be updated or that the strategy in place isn’t effective.

This tile is powered by:

  • Google Analytics
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