30 March, 2021

Version 20210305: home boards and enhancements to the sign-up experience. 

Feature: home board

We've introduced Home boards to our platform. Rather than being directed straight to their business Tracker, users arrive on their default home board when they log in.

These customizable landing pages allow us to surface information on new features, releases, and apps, promote connectable apps and tiles, and provide targeted tips and tricks. Bringing information and insights from across the ecosystem together helps deliver a better, more cohesive experience.

Enhancement: reCAPTCHA

The sign up journey will now include a reCAPTCHA button to distinguish between human and automated access to the website. This will prevent malicious, non-human software from creating fake accounts on the platform.

Enhancement: login page

Following recent upgrades to the sign up journey, we've updated user interfaces to ensure a seamless experience across the login, forgotten password, and biometric login screens.

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