30 August, 2021

Version 20210816: Constant Contact, and enhancements to the home board.

Feature: Constant Contact available as connection


Want to stand out and get quick insights into the success of your email campaigns? Providing smart tools for building a website, generating social media awareness, creating a great shopping experience, and other online marketing services, Constant Contact is a powerful e-commerce platform to boost your online presence and overall business performance.

By connecting Constant Contact to your business tracker, you get a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness – helping you to make data-driven decisions. See which campaigns are successful, which subject lines get the highest open rate, and evaluate your click-through rate to see if your call to action is engaging your audience.

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Constant Contact powers the following tiles:

Campaign performance

The Campaign performance tile shows users how well their campaigns are performing based on key metrics, such as the click rate, open rate, bounce rate and the unsubscribed rate. Knowing how campaigns are performing and breaking that performance down helps users to identify the campaign areas they’re most successful in. Equally, it flags areas that require attention in order to boost campaign performance.

Users can toggle between the ‘Engagement’ and ‘Bounce/ Unsubscribe’ views for different metrics. Presented as a list, they get an overview of how their most recent campaigns are performing.

This tile is powered by:

  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp

Open vs. click rate

The Open vs click rate tile shows the number of opened emails vs the number of clicks or interactions with the links that users include in their marketing email.

Presented as a graph, the tile provides a ‘trend view’ of open rate vs click rate over a defined period with the ability to compare it to past performance.

This tile is powered by:

  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp


Notifications for the tiles "Campaign performance" and "Open rate vs click rate" are supported for Constant Contact, enabling you to set thresholds on specific metrics and receive alerts when targets are met. 

To set up notifications:

  1. Under your user profile menu, click Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Notifications menu.
  3. Under Advanced settings, enable the toggles for the Constant Contact tiles.
  4. Click on a tile to customize notifications for that tile:
  5. Select your preferred notification method.
  6. Enter performance thresholds under Targeted alerts.

Enhancement: sign-up journey

The sign up journey is now a two-step process. When signing up to the dashboard users will:

  • create their user account
  • create their company profile

Once these steps are complete, the user will be directed to their home board where they can connect their apps and explore other platform features. This update simplifies the user experience.

Enhancement: home board

With the introduction of home boards, the offers tile will be retired, freeing up prime real estate on a user's dashboard for more data insights. Content previously featured on the offers tile can now be displayed front and center on the home board.

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