27 October, 2020

Version 20201020: multi-factor authentication and Visa now available as a connection.

Feature: multi-factor authentication

We’ve introduced multi-factor authentication (MFA) to the 9Spokes Direct platform.

MFA is an electronic authentication method that grants users access to a website or application when they successfully present two or more forms of identity verification. MFA increases security and prevents unknown persons from accessing their data.

Feature: Visa available as a connection


The Visa app allows SMBs to manage their Visa Business cards on the go for a faster and more efficient view of their transaction data. It's a simple way to manage business transactions and everyday cash flow.

By connecting the Visa app to their business Tracker, SMBs can view their transaction data over a 12 month period — enabling them to make strategic decisions based on data-driven insights.

The following tiles are powered by Visa:

  • Spending Trend
  • New Transactions

Feature: new tiles

Spending trends tile

Powered by their Visa Business card, the Spending trends tile shows a trend view of a business’ spending over a 12-month period, The tile enables users to track and compare spending in the current month to the same month last year.

Adding the Spending trends tile to the Tracker, helps a business monitor and compare their spending over time, and identify trends at a glance.

New Transactions

Powered by their Visa Business card, the New transactions tile lists the 10 most recent transactions on a selected card or on all the cards associated with the business.

Adding the New transactions tile to the Tracker, provides users with a quick view of transactions and the amount spent on a selected card or on all the cards associated with the business.

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