24 November, 2020

Version 20201122: integration into the NZ companies office, connect marketplace, and new tiles.

Feature: NZ companies office available as a connection

The integration with New Zealand companies office enables the user to link their Tracker with their local company register.

This feature streamlines the sign up process for customers by removing the need to enter their business details manually (for registered companies). It also provides a more detailed overview of the types of businesses that use the platform and their industry.

  • For existing customers, when they sign in in to the platform they will be prompted to validate their business name with the register.
  • For new customers, when they enter their business name it will be checked with the register.

Feature: connect marketplace

We have launched our reseller capability in Connect, our app marketplace. Rollout is staged, and will first be available in New Zealand.

The first app to be available for purchase is Microsoft 365, a suite of productivity apps built for businesses.

To purchase Microsoft 365, users navigate to the Microsoft 365 information page on Connect. When they select 'Buy now', they will see an interstitial pop-up window that lets them know they're leaving their bank's white-labeled platform and entering the 9Spokes marketplace to complete the purchase process.

9Spokes Connect enables end-users to quickly and easily buy, manage, and upgrade their Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Feature: new tiles

Top monthly spenders tile

Powered by Visa

This tile gives an overview of top monthly spenders across your Visa Business cards displaying the amount spent by each. It also tallies the average monthly spend.

Adding the Top monthly spenders tile to the Tracker is an efficient way to manage your cashflow and track employee spending.

Card spending tiles

Powered by Visa

The tile tracks spending on your Visa Business cards. It displays the total spent and segments spending by category — i.e., entertainment, bills, general. You can view individual cards or all connected cards.

Adding the Card spending tile to the Tracker helps you monitor your spending alongside other key metrics, for example, to identify areas that may need financial management.

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