24 May, 2021

Version 20210509: multiple boards and the addition of Zoho Books.

Feature: multiple boards

With an abundance of data flowing into the platform from multiple sources, organising your business metrics for practical everyday viewing can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created the ability to segment information into multiple custom boards.

You can choose which tiles to add to each board, depending on the connected apps available. Connect more apps to build a rich and diverse data source to use for your boards. You can also manage all your boards in one place from Boards master settings. From this menu, add a new board, edit existing board names, add or remove tiles, or delete a board.

With the ability to switch between boards, and edit the names and tiles, you can create a flexible, dynamic platform that meets your specific needs.

Feature: Zoho Books available as a connection

Zoho Books is complete cloud-based accounting software that helps SMBs manage finances, automate business workflows, and enable seamless collaboration across departments.

By connecting Zoho Books to their business Tracker, SMBs can monitor outstanding bills and invoices. With a view of their invoices and bills payable, SMBs get an overview of their future cash position, helping them to chase payments due, ensure they are making payments on time, and, ultimately, effectively manage working capital.

Zoho Books powers the following tiles:


Outstanding invoices and bills

The Outstanding invoices and bills tile keeps track of invoices and bills payable for a view of businesses future cash position. Add the out Outstanding invoices and bills tile to prepare for cash flow fluctuations in advance, effectively manage working capital and keep cash flow healthy.
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