23 January, 2020

Version 3004: New connections available in Unleashed, Mailchimp and Google Suite and accompanying tiles.

Feature: new apps



Unleashed is inventory management software designed for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail industries.

The platform tracks goods from purchase through manufacturing and all the way to sale, giving companies essential oversight and a place to control their whole process.

The following tiles are powered by Unleashed:

  • Product Performance
  • Sales Revenue
  • Average Items Per Sale
  • Stock on Hand



Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service through which businesses can promote themselves and their products via email, social, landing pages, postcards and more. It collects data about subscribers that can be actioned! With a holistic view of an audience, users learn what their audience likes and can create tailored campaigns to effectively engage them.

Users connect Mailchimp to the platform for a comprehensive overview of their marketing channels, and audience data and insights, that can help them reach their goals faster.

The tiles powered by Mailchimp help users assess the effectiveness of email campaigns and evaluate how engaged mailing lists are. With this information to hand, they can make informed decisions that support business growth.

The following tiles are powered by Mailchimp:

  • Campaign Performance (New)

Google Suite

G Suite

Google G Suite is a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products designed to help business boost efficiency.

Feature-rich and user-friendly, G Suite is the product of choice for businesses of all sizes.

The following tiles are powered by G Suite:

  • Recent Documents (New)

Feature: new tiles

Campaign performance tile

The  Campaign Performance Tile shows users how well their Mailchimp campaigns are performing based on key metrics, such as the click rate, open rate, bounce rate and the unsubscribed rate. Knowing how campaigns are performing and breaking that performance down helps users to identify the campaign areas they’re most successful in. Equally, it flags areas that require attention in order to boost campaign performance.

Users can toggle between the ‘Engagement’ and ‘Bounce/ Unsubscribe’ views for different metrics. Presented as a list, they get an overview of howtheir most recent campaigns are performing.

This tile is powered by:

  • Mailchimp

Recent documents tile

The Recent Documents Tile helps users to find and open their most recent Google documents. This allows for efficient document navigation and updating/ opening recent documents with the click of a button.

Keeping recent documents accessible helps users to keep track of document updates/ changes and provides easy open/ close access.

Presented as a list, the Recent Files Tile displays the latest G-Suite documents and files, accessble with the click of a button. Click a specific recent document to open and edit.

This tile is powered by:

  • G Suite

Available connections til

The Available Connections Tile presents users with any apps that they selected during their onboarding journey but never completed the connection journey for, or an ‘active’ connection has not yet been made.

When there are no apps in the ‘selected but not connected’ state, the available connections Tile is hidden.

To complete the connection process, users hit the ‘Add’ button which takes them to the start of the ‘connection’ journey.

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