21 June, 2021

Version 20210611: introducing category boards.

Feature: category boards

We recently introduced multiple boards to the platform. Now it's even easier to use this feature — with pre-built category boards.

We've introduced four new boards to start — finance, product, marketing, and HR. Category boards organize your business data for a clear, simple view of how you're tracking.

Category boards prepopulate with all tiles from the apps you've connected. Use an accounting app? Select the accounting board to view all the tiles your app powers via the accounting board. Same applies for your marketing, product, and HR tools.

Feature details

It's easy to access category boards! Go to your main dashboard drop-down menu and select the default board you want:

  • Accounting 
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • HR

When you connect a new app, the tiles it powers will automatically be added to the respective board. For example, if you connect QuickBooks, all accounting-related tiles are automatically added to the accounting board, while product-related tiles are added to the product board.

Additional notes

Category boards can't be deleted – they're available to all users with multiple boards.

As category boards group tiles by default, you can't add other users to them. These are default collections of your tiles. Every user will have their own.

If a board has no tiles, it's because you haven't connected any relevant apps.

Editing or adding tiles to a category board cannot be done on mobile. But this feature is coming in a future release!

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