2 March, 2021

Version 20210203: Podium app now available and enhancements to multi-factor authentication.

Feature: Podium now available as connection

Podium is redefining the way businesses interact with their customers. Podium’s Interaction Management platform enables businesses to message leads and customers, get reviews and feedback, and communicate easily with their team — all in one easy-to-use inbox. It powers the conversations that matter most to a business, giving them an edge over their competition.

By connecting Podium to their business Tracker, businesses can monitor reviews and ratings across different platforms.

Podium powers the following new tiles:

Reviews vs rating

Reviews and ratings are how your customers rate your business. Leveraging these can help you fine-tune your business and drive more web traffic and visibility. Use the Reviews vs rating tile to track your online reviews and ratings on various sites over time.

Business ratings

Customer ratings can affect your business' reputation, inform customer decisions, and impact your business' revenue. Use the Business ratings tile to track your business' ratings across various sites and ensure you can respond and act on them quickly.

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