2 August, 2021

Version 20210714: improvements to category boards. 

Enhancement: category boards

We recently introduced pre-built category boards to the platform — bringing you clear, streamlined views of how your business is tracking across accounting, marketing, product, and HR.

Category boards prepopulate with all tiles from the apps you have already connected. Previously, you would see a blank board if no relevant apps were connected.

Now, all apps available to power each of the category boards appear — making it simple to organize your business tools and manage your app connections.

Haven’t connected any marketing apps? You’ll see all potential apps that can display tiles on the marketing board.

Additional details

  • After you make a new app connection, you will be directed back to the relevant category board for that app. This helps you to see where the new tiles have surfaced and how to access them later.
  • In category board settings, you can now click on an app name or logo and visit the app page directly. This allows you to more easily find details and features about your connected apps.

To access category board settings:

  1. From your dashboard, click on your User profile icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Boards – the Boards master settings menu displays.
  4. Select the category board you wish to view.
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