19 February, 2020

Version 3006: new tiles now available for Google Analytics and Mailchimp.

Feature: ad clicks to revenue and open rate vs. click rate tile

The  Ad Clicks Revenue Tile provides users with an easy-to-read view of how their Google Ads campaign is performing, detailing the revenue generated and the number of clicks the campaign has generated.

Users can select 'Day' or 'Month' view, and simply hover over a specific period to see how successfully their online campaigns are performing. This is also an opportunity to compare campaign performance over time.

This tile enables users to gauge the success of their campaigns, to identify what’s working well and flag when action is required. Ultimately, helping to boost performance.

This tile is powered by:

  • Google Analytics


The Open Rate vs Click Rate Tile shows the number of opened emails vs the number of clicks or interactions with the links that users include in their marketing email.

Presented as a graph, he tile provides a ‘trend view’ of open rate vs click rate over a defined period with the ability to compare it to past performance.

This tile is powered by:

  • MailChimp
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