16 February, 2021

Version 20210202: new apps and tiles.

Feature: new accounting tiles

Accounting balances tile

Now powered by:

  • FreeAgent
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

The Accounting balances tile provides an overview of a user's available account balances across their different banks and accounts. It displays the opening balance for the previous day and the current day and flags any changes.

The tile gives users an up-to-date overview of their accounting balances in one place, as well as any changes to those balances, providing a convenient way to monitor their cash position.

Outstanding invoices and bills

The Outstanding invoices and bills tile keeps track of invoices and bills payable for a view of businesses future cash position. Add the out Outstanding invoices and bills tile to prepare for cash flow fluctuations in advance, effectively manage working capital and keep cash flow healthy.

Feature: Wave connection now available

Accounting by Wave is a free, double-entry accounting tool designed for small business owners. Wave eliminates data-entry and puts the financial reports an SMB needs at their fingers tips, so they can spend more time doing what they love — focusing on their business. Accessible anywhere, any time, Wave facilitates unlimited collaborators for a streamlined and connected accounting tool.

By connecting Wave to their business Tracker, SMBs can monitor finance functions such as payments, invoicing, and payroll. And track key metrics through tiles.

Wave powers the following tiles:

Product performance

The Product Performance tile provides a list of the best performing products by revenue and gross profit, Add the Product performance tile to understand how to prioritize products to achieve the best returns.

Avg. spend per sale

The Avg. spend per sale tile allows business owners to see how much customers are generally spending per sale/transaction. Add the Avg. spend per sale tile to understand purchase behavior and improve your pricing and marketing.


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