15 February, 2022

Version 20220202: Get started card.

Feature: get started card

We want to onboard customers faster by demonstrating where value can be found within the platform. When customers register and login, they will be prompted with a series of ‘get started’ actions designed to highlight key aspects of the business management experience. The goal of the onboarding experience is to help users set up easily and improve the stickiness of the platform.

The 'get started’ steps will be found in the home board and prompt the user to complete high-value actions on the platform. This first version will guide the user to complete four key actions:

  • Connecting their first app
  • Viewing data on a board
  • Creating a custom board
  • Setting up tile notifications

Each prompt will include a brief description of the task and a call-to-action.

Once actions are completed, the progress will display. Once all steps are completed, users will be able to dismiss the popup from their home board.

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