15 April, 2020

Version 3010: Instagram is now available as a connection and coming with it are new tiles.

Feature: Instagram available as a connection


With a strong marketing strategy, Instagram can be used to promote products and services, boost brand awareness and perception, and increase sales.

Connecting Instagram to the platform enables users to monitor their business' performance on the social platform. The insights presented provide a valuable measure of social media performance and can be used to inform a user’s Instagram marketing strategy and improve their account's performance.

The following tiles are powered by Instagram:

  • Views to Actions Instagram
  • Posts and Impressions (New)
  • Engagement Performance (New)

Feature: new tiles

Engagement performance tile

The Engagement Performance Tile provides an overview of a user’s social activities on Instagram, for example, which times it’s most effective to post. It also registers levels of engagement on the social platform, including a detailed view of engagement on post types.

Insights from this tile show users how well posts are performing, what content and posts resonate with their audience, as well as which types of post – images, videos, educational or fun. Knowing this can help users to shape a social media strategy and create content that boosts and drives customer engagement.

This tile is powered by:

  • Instagram (New)

Posts and impressions tiles

The Post and Impressions Tile displays a user’s social media account's total number of followers and the overall impressions generated by the content posted on their account. This data provides an idea of the overall popularity of the business on that social platform.

Impressions and posts are crucial metrics for social media marketing performance and its evaluation. Understanding these metrics, what caused their rises and falls, is extremely important and can help users to evolve a more robust social media strategy.

This tile is powered by:

  • Instagram (New)


Views to actions tile

Now powered by Instagram

The Views to Actions Tile displays the views and actions generated by content posted on a user’s social media account.

The tile records the views and the associated engagement — or ‘actions’ — associated with a user’s social media activities on their Instagram account.

Views and actions are crucial metrics for social media marketing performance and associated customer conversion. Understanding these metrics can help users to evolve a stronger social media strategy and drive sales.

This tile is powered by:

  • Instagram (New)
  • Facebook

Subscriber growth tile

The Subscriber Growth Tile shows users’ trends in subscriber growth across their Mailchimp audience lists. This helps identify which lists are doing well and experiencing growth, as well as those that are losing subscribers.

Email marketing lists naturally decay over time, maintenance is essential; connecting this tile helps users to evaluate audience growth and loss and to identify areas in need of improvement. Ultimately, it provides the information required to keep audience lists healthy by flagging fluctuations in subscriber growth.

This tile is powered by:

  • Mailchimp

Enhancement: product performance tile

Improvements have been made in the logic for the Product Performance Tile, this has reduced the time taken for data to load on the tile.

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