14 September, 2021

Version 20210917: system notifications and sign-up enhancement. 

Feature: system notifications

9Spokes notifications just got smarter. Lost connection? Fear not, we have you covered. If an app's disconnected, we'll send you an in-app notification on the fly with a prompt to reconnect, so you never miss a beat.

To reconnect and continue viewing your data:

  1. In your dashboard, click the Connect tab.
  2. Navigate to the disconnected app's page.
  3. Click Connect and follow the steps to reconnect.
  4. Once complete, we'll return you safely to your dashboard with your app's tiles visualizing beautiful data again. Easy.


Forgot password

For improved account security, our password page has been updated. It will now include a strength meter when you create or reset your password.

This upgrade ensures that you're prompted to set a more complex password that meets strength requirements.

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