14 May, 2020

Version 3012: LinkedIn now available as a connection along with a slate of new tiles.

Feature: LinkedIn available as connection

LinkedIn allows businesses to set up company pages through which they can organically build community engagement by sharing updates, promoting products and services, and sharing other relevant content. Businesses can also reach a wider base through paid advertising.

By connecting LinkedIn to the platform, SMBs can monitor the success of their in-platform activity. For example, they can track post engagement to learn what interests their audience, spot trends and gauge campaign effectiveness.

The following tiles are powered by LinkedIn:

  • Engagement Overview
  • Overall Impressions

Feature: new tiles

Engagement overview tile

Now powered by LinkedIn

The Engagement Overview Tile provides an overview of a user’s social activities and registers levels of engagement on the social platform – including a detailed view of engagement on individual posts.

Insights from this tile show how a user’s posts are performing, this helps them to identify the content and posts that resonate with their audience (i.e. those that are performing well). Having an overview of customer engagement can help shape a social media strategy that boosts and drives positive customer engagement.

Posts and impressions tile

Now powered by LinkedIn

The Post and Impressions Tile displays a user’s LinkedIn account's total number of followers and the overall impressions generated by the content posted on their account. This data provides an idea of the overall popularity of that business on LinkedIn.

Impressions and posts are crucial metrics for social media marketing performance and its evaluation. Understanding these metrics, what causes their rises and falls, is extremely important and can help users to evolve a more robust social media strategy.

Account balances tile

Powered by accounting apps, the Account Balances Tile provides an overview of a user's available account balances across their different banks and accounts. It displays the opening balance for the previous day and the current day and flags any changes.

The tile gives users an up-to-date overview of their account balances in one place, as well as any changes to those balances, providing a convenient way to monitor their cash position.

This tile is powered by:
• Intuit QuickBooks

Business offers tile

The Business Offers Tile gives banks the ability to communicate with users in-platform. It operates as a carousel that displays up to four content sliders – for example, offers, promotions, images, updates.

By hitting a call to action button, platform users are directed to a webpage in a new tab where they can learn more. This tile is a simple way of putting messages in front of your small business customers.

Easy to manage, the tile is not visible to users until activation is requested, and it can be hidden on demand.

The Business Offers Tile is available to:

  • BAC
  • BNZ
  • OCBC
  • 9SP
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