14 December, 2021

Version 20211123: Cashflow Manager. 

Feature: Cashflow Manager

With Cashflow Manager we want to empower small businesses to track and manage cash flow in a coherent and simple way. Featuring lean and streamlined dashboards, with our first version, we want to enable small businesses to:

  • Consolidate various invoices and billing in one system
  • Automatically pull their cash flow data and track their progress
  • Use an intuitive and visually-focused cash flow tool tailored to their needs

Cashflow Manager is a new addition to the 9Spokes.com platform and can be accessed under 'Track' or the 'All boards' dropdown. Connecting their Sage One accounting app, users can build their cash flow board, choose between daily, weekly or monthly views and benefit from transaction sync. This automatically updates all cash flow tiles to the same selected date.

The beta release features three tiles:

Cash balance

View opening and closing balances from your available cash accounts alongside cash flow forecasts which spotlights the short- and medium-term cash position.

Budget progress

Monitor your cash in and cash out based on incoming and outgoing transactions. It breaks down past transactions as well as expected inflows and outflows set up in your accounting app.


View all individual invoices and bills with highlights on existing outstanding transactions.

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