11 March, 2020

Version 3008: several new tiles for Facebook and accounting app connections.

Feature: new tiles

Engagement overview tile

The Engagement Overview Tile provides an overview of a user’s social activities and registers levels of engagement on connected accounts – including a detailed view of engagement on individual posts and a users' wider social activities.  

Insights from this tile show users which posts are performing well, as well as those that are driving less engagement. These insights help to identify the content and posts that resonate with a user's audience. Having an overview of customer engagement, and which posts are engaging an audience, can help users to shape a social media strategy that boosts and drives positive customer engagement. 

This tile is powered by:

  • Facebook

Views to action tile

The Views to Actions Tile displays the views and actions generated by the content posted on a user’s connected social media account. It measures the content views and associated engagement — or ‘actions’ — associated with social media activities.

Presented as a graph, users monitor fluctuations overtime and adjust calls to action to improve interaction and conversion. Views and actions are crucial measures of social media marketing performance and associated customer conversion.

This tile is powered by:

  • Facebook

Overall Impressions tile

The Overall Impressions Tile displays the total number of followers and the overall impressions generated by posts – per month – on a user’s connected social media account. This data indicates a business’ overall popularity on a platform.

Presented as a graph, users can monitor fluctuations overtime.

Impressions and followers are crucial metrics when evaluating marketing performance. Understanding them, their rises and falls, is extremely important for SMBs who want to evolve a stronger social media strategy.

This tile is powered by:

  • Facebook

Product performance tile

Product Performance is an aspect of market performance that denotes the quality and performance of existing products. The Product Performance Tile lists a user’s top-performing products in terms of overall revenue (sales) and gross profit.

Fully aware of their product performance, SMB-users can stay on top of stock ordering, making sure popular items are prioritized. Identifying top-performing stock can also inform future product strategies and support quick, sharp decisions.

The tile is best used in conjunction with other point of sale (POS) tiles to support informed decisions about which product items should be prioritized to achieve the best returns.

Stock on hand tile

Now powered by Xero.

The Stock on Hand Tile enables users to track stock levels in near real-time. It provides users with an overview of their inventory – what's in stock, what's running low – so they can ensure the right products, in the right quantity are always on hand.

Effective stock management helps you to avoid funds being tied up in excess stock or popular products being out of stock. Cross-checking this information with the Product Performance Tile helps users to understand which items of stock are selling fast and which are not.

Last 10 transactions tile

The Last 10 Transactions Tile provides a real-time breakdown of a users’ last 10 transactions on their connected OCBC bank accounts.

Presented as a list, users simply select the bank account they wish to view and the Tile shows the last 10 transactions made on that account.

This tile enables users to track recent transaction with ease. The information featured can be used to track deposits into or payments made from the connected bank account, as well as providing an overview of account balances.

Business account balance tile

The Business Account Balances Tile shows a user’s total available balance and provides a breakdown of balances and overdraft or credit limits for each of the connected accounts in their chosen currency.

This tile allows users to simply monitor their account balances, or it can be used in accounting to determine which accounts are experiencing the least activity; this is an indicator that an account can be merged into a larger and more active account that is of a similar nature.

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