10 May, 2021

Version 20210508: NZ companies registry and home board enhancements.

Feature: companies registry

When creating their 9Spokes business profile, New Zealand-based users can now search and select their company if it's registered with the New Zealand Company Register.

If a business is not registered, they can manually create their company by selecting 'Add business name' and inputting the details.

For users outside of New Zealand, the standard sign up journey will be shown. The platform will support more company registry country integrations in the future.

Enhancement: home boards

We've made Home boards more interactive to enhance the customer experience and drive further engagement.

When scrolling their Home board, they see relevant tiles and the apps powering these tiles. Users can now click on tile images and app logos to access further information.

If a user clicks on a tile image, they are directed to the associated page for an overview of how to use the tile and its features, as well as a list of apps that power it. If a user clicks on an app logo, they are directed to the app information page for more details. From here they can also connect the app to their dashboard and see the tiles that the app activates.

Enhancement: sign up journey password visibility

When creating an account, they will now be able to toggle password visibility on and off. This functionality lets them quickly check that they have entered the correct password and confirm that password entries match — making life more simple.

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