• Connect your existing apps with a tap of your finger.

  • Browse and connect best-of-breed apps and services.

  • Connect your bank for a complete overview of your financial situation.

  • Connect tiles to power your business performance tracker.

Connect your apps.

Harness the power of your apps and services.

Modern businesses are using apps to manage day-to-day operations. 9Spokes distills the data they generate into smart, actionable insights — bringing a big business edge to all businesses. Connect your apps, services, and bank feeds to bring your data to life for a 360° view of how your business is tracking. We partner with leading apps worldwide, and we’re always expanding our global family.

Discover and purchase new apps.

Browse our app marketplace to discover apps and services that fit your business needs.

Apps revolutionize how businesses operate — streamlining functions, driving efficiency, and facilitating remote collaboration. Did we mention that we love them? With so many to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your business. We offer a curated selection of apps and services for all businesses across all industries. Let 9Spokes help you discover the tools you need to drive business growth.

Powerful apps & services to feed your Tracker



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Point of sale



Connect bank
Connect your bank accounts.

View your bank data alongside your business data.

Connect your bank accounts to your business Tracker to map your financial data alongside your business data. With a complete view of your business position, you don’t just get rearview data analysis but forward-looking indicators that help you to act fast and pivot hard as necessary. We work with leading banks worldwide to provide sharp, financial insights. We help open up a new channel for dialogue between you and your bank to facilitate holistic business growth conversations.

Connect tiles.

Tiles transform the data from your apps into meaningful insights.

Tiles are windows into your business. They’re the insights that enable you to deep-dive into your data, flag issues before they’re issues, and help to steer you towards your goals. With tiles, you can monitor your cash flow, analyze your marketing campaigns, track your stock levels, measure your sales, and more. Sign-up to browse the full selection, connect the apps you’re using, and select the tiles that work for you.

Here are some of the 40+ different tiles to track your business.

Staff wages graph
Recent documents
Views to actions
Net profit
Last 10 transactions
Inventory value

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