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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 9Spokes?

9Spokes empowers financial institutions by leveraging open data and open banking. By obtaining consented data from businesses, we provide financial institutions with powerful tools to engage their business customers.

Our platform makes the financial institution the central hub of their business customers' daily financial activities, offering improved customer engagement and retention, enhanced cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and simplified financial experiences for clients. 

Watch our award-winning demo.  

How does 9Spokes benefit small business banking customers?

Our 9Spokes platform integrates and standardizes business data from various services that small businesses utilize, such as accounting, banking, commerce, and inventory services, among others. This unified data access powers Business Apps in 9Spokes Track, providing small business banking customers with comprehensive and actionable insights.

9Spokes Track has since evolved and includes Banking and Cashflow which pulls banking and general ledger data into an insightful front-end, giving small businesses a holistic view of their financial health. 

Case study: Nakima Digital 

Case study: Cartology 

How does 9Spokes benefit my financial institution?

Through 9Spokes, your financial institution can access customer data from connected services (with customer consent) via a single API. This data can be integrated into your institution's processes and data engines, enhancing your services and customer experience. 

Read more about the 9Spokes x Virgin Money partnership and how we help their SMB customers. 


What industries and size are the typical business customers of this solution?

Our small business users are at a stage of growth where they have a bookkeeper on the payroll but lack a dedicated resource for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A).  

They exhibit modest to moderate growth ambitions and have a moderate level of technology fluency, being open to and already adopting digital solutions for recurring business challenges, such as using QuickBooks for bookkeeping and accounting needs, and Shopify for eCommerce requirements. Moreover, these users may currently rely on spreadsheets or manage their business processes across multiple platforms. 

What are the most engaging apps/tools an SMB would use on the platform?

The most engaging apps/tools for SMBs on the 9Spokes Track platform encompass a range of essential functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of small businesses.  

Considering that financial health is crucial for any business, our platform's accounting integrations have been especially well-received and highly utilized by our SMB users. Also, our SMB users find great value in the Cashflow and Banking tools, which offer better insights into cashflow, transaction management, and banking activities, enabling informed decisions and better financial control. 

What markets is 9Spokes Track best suited for?

Highly versatile, 9Spokes Track can be adapted to suit various markets. Its configurability allows it to be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of different languages and countries.  

However, to explore the full range of services and capabilities that best align with your requirements, get in touch with the 9Spokes team. 


Do you connect to Jack Henry / Banno / Salesforce / nCino?

We currently have the ability to connect to Salesforce, and we are open to exploring connections with other Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms like Jack Henry (Banno) or FIS. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss specific integrations. 

Is 9Spokes Track mobile responsive?

The platform is accessible via standard browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, with some features restricted based on the browser. 9Spokes Track is a Progressive Web App (PWA) optimized for mobile and available for download on supported devices, as well as accessible through desktop and tablet. 

Will Payments be integrated into 9Spokes solutions?

Will Payments be integrated into 9Spokes solutions? 

Security and support

How does 9Spokes ensure data security and privacy?

At 9Spokes, the protection of customers' data is of utmost importance, and we take this responsibility seriously. We are proud to be ISO27001 certified, ensuring comprehensive data security measures are in place across all aspects of our company. Data and domains are securely managed through Microsoft Azure, ensuring compliance requirements are met. 

What support or services does 9Spokes provide?

Right from the start of our collaboration, our partner engineering and success teams are at your service. We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, including initial deployment, marketing, and end-user customer service, ensuring a seamless and prosperous experience. 

How can 9Spokes Track be implemented?

Implementation is straightforward, with a standard duration of three months, allowing financial institutions to go-to-market faster. To implement the 9Spokes platform, FIs can easily white-label the solution, seamlessly integrating it into their online banking portal without complex integration. Customers can access the platform through Single Sign-On (SSO) using the same credentials as their online banking, ensuring a smooth user experience.  

All standard platform features are enabled by default, and updates and enhancements are included and deployed to the partner's platform instance.